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On 11/12/02 7:23 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> In a message dated 11/11/2002 2:45:37 PM Pacific Standard Time,
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>> email @ redacted
> Can we help this poor person?  Maybe if anyone has any extra "stash" on
> supplies??  ANYTHING.....??

These folks are in NC. The guy earns too much for them to get help. We
perhaps could be writing to our government about the screwy way SSA only
looks at the income itself, and not 'garnished' debts which is what's
skewing her chances for SSI/SSID.

Seems that declaring a phony divorce and removing her from his dependants
would be one way she could get help. But we really have to look at this
country with income laws that allows children to go hungry and the working
poor to live in this amount of poverty. To work 80 hours for so little is
obscene. To have debtors be able to come and take the rest to the point of
an unlivable income is downright criminal.

Diabetics work and live in all fields of society and it up to us to seek
answers to this crap. If this can happen to these folks, anyone is in the
firing line.

Charities such as "Feed the Children" have enough to buy masses of airtime
for their infomercials, I think they can be approached for food for these
folks. I know out here in CA we have a HEEP program with help for low income
families managing their electricity and heating bills. Surely something such
as this can be got for these folks?

I find it frustrating that people can be put into this position when they
are trying to work and trying to do right paying back debts.

However, I am wondering if the court can be appealed to to take a bit less
every month. These folks are being left well below the poverty level when
that debt is taken. I feel the couple or three extra years it would take to
pay off that debt at a lower amount per month would at least park these
folks at a more civilized income bracket.

I am in another state so I cannot physically help, but perhaps some folks
who live in their state and or are more familiar with the law can actually
seek out something. At least to keep the lights on and bring food in.

Jennifer L. Sutherland
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