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Re: [IP] USDA site??


To remove the USDA program go to the home icon.  Next select the icon below
which will give you options.  Next select delete and you will get a list of
programs currently installed on you Palm.  You can select as many programs
as you want, individually.  You will also find out how much memory is being
used by having all the programs you do have.  It could be if you delete the
other stuff you don't use, you won't have the problems that you are having.

As to transferring info between a Visor and Palm, I'm afraid I can't help
there.  The Palm was my first PDA so far so I haven't run into  transferring
DIABETIC information between the two.  (This was a feeble effort to stay on
topic <g>)

Good Luck!


> I downloaded the file and added it to my PDA. The database looks pretty
> but my PDA has been a mess ever since.

 With that in mind, is there any way to delete individual
> programs from a Palm PDA? The USDA database isn't the only program I'd
> to delete but I can't find anything anywhere that would tell me how.
> Another PDA question but more OT - I'm thinking of changing to the Tracker
> glucose meter and wonder how difficult it would be, if it's even possible,
> to move my data, particularly my Date Book and Address Book from a Palm to
> Visor? Anybody familiar with how this would be done? I suppose I could
> go to the Handspring website and ask them. Thanks . . Donna
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