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[IP] Re: Mac-compatible software?

>Lifescan, MM, Disetronic et al, this is a customer demand for you to
>step up
>to the challenge! Lifescan knows there are USBs and Firewire now, so 
>they ditch that serial port cable I for one will be happy, and it 
>does seem they (all companies) are taking a bit of an easy ride. As 
>they all
>mainly tout individuality, I shouldn't be forced into Windows land to 
>use a
>bit of software.

Here's the problem.  Mac is only 5% of the market.  As it is, they 
don't make any money off of their (Lifescan) meter software. They used 
to sell it, but I think that they found people weren't willing to pay 
for it, so they started giving it away for free, and are only selling 
the cable now.  

Anyhow, the development time for porting the application to Mac would 
be about the same as it was to write for Windows.  So, it would cost 
them a bunch of money out of pocket, with little to no return on 
investment, since they don't sell it...and even if they did, there 
would be very few who actually would pay for it.  

This is the downside to owning a Mac...despite all of its fine 
qualities, it still suffers, and will continue to suffer, from limited 
support from Software vendors due to the lack of market.  You have a 
chicken and egg thing.  Macs don't sell nearly as well as Windows 
machines because there isn't as much software available for them (as 
well as costing more for "equivilent" features).  But, software vendors 
won't develop for them because there isn't enough market share.  ANd, 
in fact, the very thing that kinds some of the software vendors 
developing for Mac is because there is very little competition, and so 
they can charge slightly more as well as have fewer competitors.

Superior technology doesn't mean that it will do better.  Back in the 
mid-80's, there was the Commodore Amiga.  It had superior technology to 
any other computer in its price range for nearly 10 years.  But, it 
died in a blaze of glory due to lack of support and marketing.  I've 
resigned myself to the Windows world despite other, better, computers 
(such as Mac) for this reason.  

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