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Re: [IP] Food software/sites

>Okay, so counting carbs is a breeze by now, but now I'm just starting
>work protein into the equation, and math was never my strong point 
>Last night it seemed to take longer to calculate what was in my meal --
>there's protein in Brussels sprouts! -- than it did to actually eat 
>the dang
>thing. So I was wondering whether there is a Web site, or software
>(preferably Mac-compatible), where I could just punch in what I'm
>eating and
>it would tell me the total carbos. (I do know the USDA Nutrient 

Hmmm.  I think I'll add that to my Logbook DM software...if I can find 
space on my screen.  :-)  I can currently handle the carbs, but I think 
adding protein to the mix shouldn't be that much more difficult.  (I, 
too, bolus for protein when there is a lot of it, such as more than 12 
g...)  Thanks for the suggestion!

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