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[IP] Can an Endocrinologist be held liable?

I went to an Endocrinologist for 18 months with the intention of getting a
pump. During this time he told me that before he would give me the
endorsement for my insurance to pay for the pump i would have to do certain
One of them was to change my daily schedule.i am retired so I dont have a
set schedule. I was to stop eating anything after 7:00 pm and be in bed and
asleep at 9:00pm. i also had to do the things my insurance required of
course,( HB Aa1c above 7)( 3 mos of food intake records etc). I was required
to be tutored by a CDE who was not covered by my insurance and had to pay
her $80.00 out of pocket. The Endo after
3 months of this still did not endorse me for a pump. I quit him and went
back to my family MD. I changed to a different pump company and had a pump
in 3 weeks. It has changed my life immensely for the better. In Michigan
where I live Diabetes is the 6th ranking cause of death. Any opinions on
wether I have a liable case against the ENDO who for whatever reason would
not allow me to get a pump.I have had two heart bypass operations and a
carotid artery cleaned out in the past 10 years and am 65. My insurance
fully covered the cost of my pump. Was he trying to kill me?     John
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