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[IP] Heck, Yeah!

On 11/11/02 6:25 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Now if we could get all our companies (Lifescan & Minimed for me) to
> make mac compatible software. I'm too big a techno-dolt to jump all 27
> hoops to download to my mac. That's why I have a mac for ease of use!
> But it sure would be nice to plug in and merge my blood kit and my pump, Lynn

I can see it now: iSync and Mac OS X.2.2 with bluetooth enabled dls of our
PDAS and Meters, a USB or firewire for IR Ports to the pumps...C'mon
Lifescan, MM, Disetronic et al, this is a customer demand for you to step up
to the challenge! Lifescan knows there are USBs and Firewire now, so when
they ditch that serial port cable I for one will be happy, and it really
does seem they (all companies) are taking a bit of an easy ride. As they all
mainly tout individuality, I shouldn't be forced into Windows land to use a
bit of software.

IBook, iPod, iPump, BG meter, Cables, PDA,....Yeah, I'm ready to go

Jenny Sutherland
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