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[IP] Filling times / no syringes in the house

>>>I find myself every three nights filling a reservoir with Novolog.  The
filled reservoir is attached to a line (small tubing) and placed into the

Have you read the manual where it discourages pumpers from filling at night?
If you happen to hit a bad site, you may not know it for a few hours, then
changing it out makes it even later and you won't know about the new site.

>>>. . . and sometimes the tubing gets kinked, and sometimes the site just
as responsive to insulin as others, BUT, that same three year old isn't
finding my stash of syringes anymore (because they aren't in the house
anymore), >

If you have a very high BG due to a bad site, etc., we are to inject by
syringe to bring it down. It *may* be a faulty pump. We need some syringes
as a back-up system. (~_^)

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