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Re: [IP] Just wondering

Hi, we just started on the paradigm last thursday and you don't need the 
cap.  one mistake that we made was to remove the battery for a period of 
time.  we got our pump in late august and weren't sure when we would start.  
we watched the tape read the book and putzed with the buttons, i put it back 
in the box and took out the battery to store it (so that the battery didn't 
leak or something).  the day before we go i go out and buy new batteries and 
sit down to go over everything again, it's 4pm i put the new battery in and 
get an e52 error message.  i call mini-med and they walk me through some 
steps then tell me i have to send it back.  i tell them we have to leave at 
11am the next day because we have our start up the gal puts me on hold and 
calls fed-x and they say they can have new pump here by 10:30am.  all is 
well it arrives and we are pumping insulin by 4pm.  so far i like it but we 
don't have a correct basal set yet.  i wish my daughter didn't have school 
tomorrow because i want to make another change but think i will wait.  good 
luck and ask me anything and i will try to help.

judy mom to becca 10 dx 5-00 pumping 11-02

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