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[IP] Mac Pumpers

Now if we could get all our companies (Lifescan & Minimed for me) to
make mac compatible software. I'm too big a techno-dolt to jump all 27
hoops to download to my mac. That's why I have a mac for ease of use!
But it sure would be nice to plug in and merge my blood kit and my pump, Lynn

>>>>Way to go Jenny!  As one  with a G4 at work, iMac at  home, an iBook 
for in between, and OS 10.2, I love you too.  *S*  We Macpumpers are 
clearly in the minority, though.  Maybe we should start our own group 
- -wayne

<<<<<<,,I love Mac computers, others like PC's. It doesn't make us 
enemies, my uses
of the box simply differ from the others. My PC 'loving' BF actually bought
us both tickets to a "Mac Fair" at a semi-local college, because he
knows I
enjoy the heck out of these things, even though *he* may find it a bit
- - -- I have an iBook and am not afraid to use it!>>>
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