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[IP] MM508 for sale

Well.......it's finally come to this.  Don't get me wrong, I love my pump, I 
just can't afford it anymore.  My family has been going through some 
extremely difficult times and selling my pump is the only way I can see to 
get a significant amount of money to help us through the situation.  We have 
NOTHING to eat...and I'm not exaggerating.  Next week our phones will be 
disconnected (we barely saved the lights last week), we are down to pretty 
much nothing to eat and it is killing me because I KNOW it's my fault.  I am 
unable to work and applied for disability months ago.  I've been denied twice 
and I'm just tired of fighting.  Actually, I'm tired of living....but that's 
another story.  I have 3 kids under the age of 11 and I have applied for 
every government assistance program known to man.....only to be turned down.  
My husband works full time........actually up to 80 hours a week, on salary, 
but his take home pay is less than 400 a month because last year we filed 
chapter 13 bankruptcy to keep from losing our house.  So.....here we 
are.....I'm too sick to work.....he's working ALL the time....and we still 
can't afford to live.  We have no one to turn to so my only choice is to sell 
the one thing of value that we have....my pump and what supplies I have. I've 
already hocked everything else....including my wedding rings.

My pump is a MM508 and it's still under warranty.  I've had absolutely NO 
problems with it.......so if there's anyone out there who can use it and will 
give me a good price for it....just email me privately at email @ redacted

Thank you
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