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[IP] Re: Thigh Site

From: "M. Marris"
>>>During this week I will be having a Stress Echo Cardiogram; and a Upper
GI with small bowel follow through.  It will take between 4-6hours.  I have
two choices:
1.  I will NPO from midnight till the exam starts and then the length of the
exam.  Do I just disconnect and do without Insulin?
2.  Do I use the thigh site and leave the pump attached so I get a basal.  I
use around 3 units as a basal per hour.
MM stated the pump would not be harmed by either ultrasound or radiological
exams.<snip> Maris>>>

If they normally remove the pancreas from non-DMers for this procedure, it's
okay. ;)  If your basals are set correctly, you should not go too low
without food, nor too high. Keep checking and correct or lower your basal as

This may be a learning experience for your doctor and you can teach him/her
for the next person's procedure and *why*. (~_^)

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