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Re: [IP] Re: Thigh Site

At 11/11/2002, 11:40 AM M. Marris wrote:
 >Hello all,
 >I was advised to trek over to this area and get some definitive info.
 >During this week I will be having a Stress Echo Cardiogram; and a
 >Upper GI with small bowel follow through.  It will take between 4-6hours.  I
 >have two choices:
 >1.  I will NPO from midnight till the exam starts and then the length of the
 >exam.  Do I just disconnect and do without Insulin?

You need the basal going at all times, whether you eat or not. Otherwise 
you could end up with DKA by the time you go for the exam. Your doctor 
should have known this.

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