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Re: [IP] I HATE my paradigm


I'm sorry you don't like you Paradigm.  :-/  One thing I wonder...would 
you feel this way if it hadn't been for the one pump that died and 
having to get a refurbished one?  (That same policy would hold for the 
508 as well.)

Anyhow, I'm not here to convince you otherwise...but one think you 
mentioned was the lack of displaying the time, and having to "go 
through many menus" to find the time.

Might I suggest an alternative?  Press the "ESC" button, which gives 
you a summary of things.  THe top line of the screen after hitting ESC 
is the current time.  No need to go through any menus.  One button 
press and you have the time.  FYI.
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