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Re: [IP] I HATE my paradigm

Have you talked to your MM sales rep?  I was told and beleive it was in writing that the pump comes with a 3 month unconditional money back guarentee.  See if you can switch back to a 508, it may take a few tries till you get the right person willing to, but it's worth a try.

Good luck
Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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> Since there are people asking about the paradigm and how people 
> who have one 
> like it.... let me tell you, I absolutely hate mine. The only 
> thing I like 
> about it is it takes one aaa battery and they last quite a while.  
> Everything else drives me nuts.  The case you slide it into that 
> has a clip 
> that rotates is big, bulky, and gets caught on everything.  The 
> leather 
> case's clip doesn't have a spring and is difficult to put on your 
> waistband 
> or take off with one hand.  The time is not displayed on the 
> screen so you 
> have to go through many menus and act as though you are resetting 
> the time 
> just to see the current time.  I am not sure I like the fact I can 
> not hear 
> it delivering insulin.  That was kinda like a reassurance with my 
> 508.  I 
> knew my pump was working.  My new paradigm completely died one 
> month and one 
> wk after I got it in the middle of the night and I work up at 4am 
> on a 
> Sunday morning feeling terrible.  I tried to bolus and nothing 
> would work. 
> Not even the light.  I put a new battery in and nothing.  It 
> hadn't been 
> dropped or anything and when I called minimed panicking they said 
> oooooh 
> this is a problem we have been having and told me they would send 
> a 
> replacement out on Monday. I said great, then she told me it would 
> be a 
> refurbished one.  I told her nooooooooo way and she said these 
> pumps only 
> have a one month guarentee to be replaced with new.  After that 
> the 
> remaining four yrs of warranty, you get a refurbished.  I through 
> a complete 
> fit.  Then she agreed to send me new "just this once".  Well, low 
> and 
> behold, Tuesday afternoon I receive my "new" pump.  It was a 
> one!!  I called right away and they said they made a mistake 
> entering the 
> order and would get my new one out right away.  All this after 
> having to 
> inject for two days.  I haven't injected on a daily basis for 5 
> 1/2 yrs mind 
> you.  My sugars were all messed up.  She told me to use the 
> refurb. pump til 
> the new one got to me.  Finally on Thursday I received a new pump 
> still in 
> the box, wrapped in plastic.  Sighs... I miss my 508.  Even 
> filling the 
> resevoir I feel is more cumbersome.  This is just my experience 
> and opinion. 
>  But I do wish I never gave up my 508.  Minimed has been a pretty 
> good 
> company in my opinion to work with up until this paradigm fiasco.  
> There may 
> be those who love the paradigm, but I am starting to wonder if my 
> insurance 
> company would let me switch to a whole new company altogether, 
> such as the 
> animas.  What do you all think of animas?  Are they a good 
> pump/company?Thanks for listening... sorry sooooo long:)
> jenni-age 30
> diagnosed at age 22
> pumping since pregnant with first
> child 5 1/2 yrs ago.
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