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[IP] I LOVE my Paradigm (was I HATE my paradigm )

I LOVE my Paradigm!
THis is the only pump I've ever used.  I've been using it since April 4th with very little Problems.
I do wish they would perfect the clip that was supposed to be used with the Pump.  
Rumor has it the Beta Testers @ MM had problems with it so it went back to the drawing board.

Dear MiniMed: PLEASE fix the clip.  Simpler is better.

I do wish the time was displayed on the Minimed screen.  I've been told they didn't do this to save battery life.
To view the time though is a one button operation.
Hit the ESC button once and you will see "STATUS & [TIME]" at the top of the screen.
I've had to call MM I believe three times since April with problems.
I had the dreaded E21 error and once an E21 & No delivery.
I got through easy enough twice and had to leave a message for a call back once.
The call back was returned in under a half hour.
The first rep said there was no problem, this was what the pump was supposed to do.
The second Rep said this was probably a user error (Read MY problem).
The second call was followed by a follow call from a supervisor who wanted to know if all my questions were answered and if there was anything he could do.
He offered to replace the pump with a new one.
Even though the rep was a PIA, the pump was up & running and I thanked him & said no.
THe third rep said this was this was becoming an increasing problem that was related to the batteries.
She thought I had a bad batch of batteries.
I gave my current batteries to my son & bought new ones.
No problems since.

Dear Minimed:  Please have your reps work from the same Playbook rather than freelance.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting three different answers to the same problems.
Also Callbacks from team leaders or supervisors = great customer service.  

I like the AAA batteries (Once again, the simpler, the better).
I like the scrolling easy to use menu.
I think filling the reservior, priming the Quickset and using the serter couldn't be easier.

Once again, The Paradigm is the only Pump I've used.
I'm sure other pumpers are happy with the other pumps.
I looked at the other Pumps & felt the Paradigm met my needs the best.
So far, it has.

John & his faithful Paradigm.

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