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[IP] Letter of necessity

Venting is healthy.......has your doc written a letter of medical necessity?
is the pump company helping? is this written in your contract? have you
notified the state board of insurance?..............just off the top of my

When I went through the process to get my pump I had to write down reasons why
I needed the pump. My diabetes educator told me that BCBS of Michigan looked
at how diabetes affected my job or school life (if you are a are a student).
One major indicator that I used was even though my A1c's were average I still
had lows that caused me to have to eat at certain times of the day and
sometimes that didn't happen because - there were times that I was out on home
visits and went low because there wasn't food in my stomach and I crashed. Or
had to feed lows resulting in a high sugar reading afterwards. Sometimes the
A1C reading doesn't show extreme highs and lows - I put that fact in the
letter justifying that. After the birth of my children (10 plus years being D)
the doctor told me that I needed multiple injections and we could never get
past the peaks - crashing and feeding lows. Since pumping, I have been more
level and been able to live a little more normal life. Keep pressing on with
the insurance company, I hope this helps! Sharon B
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