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Re: NPH (was: [IP] 40 hours till I'm pumping!!)

In a message dated 11/10/02 10:09:13 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Maybe it was just too long a time.  Granted that NPH was a vast improvement
> over Protamine Zinc, but I feel that over time (34 years) NPH does not stay
> with it's pattern, and that doctors relied too heavily on that supposed 
> "set
> pattern of activity" that NPH was supposed to provide.  I "curse" the NPH
> for the hypos it put me into, with no "pattern" other than to expect the
> unexpected.  To me, it was the "demon" insulin.        ]:>|
> George

George I agree 100%! The part of hypos on NPH that I had trouble with was it 
snuck up on you a little bit at a time. If it was a Reg hypo you would crash 
fast. On NPH it would creep up and before you knew it you were in trouble. I 
may be wrong, but I think my unawareness was due to the slow decline of BS 
levels from NPH. YMMV       Roger C 
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