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[IP] Re: Opinions

On 11/10/02 5:40 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Without opinions, no matter what they are, this forum and, for that matter,
> our society is dead. This is what freedom and choice are all about. The
> opinions expressed on this list are what have contributed to my learning and
> decisions about going on the pump and my continued success with diabetes
> treatment

And it's funny how if someone was saying how they like a Honda CRV more than
a PT Cruiser or Jeep Cherokee, they would be allowed their opinions and not
be accused of "Car Bashing". If we as people are not allowed to voice
opinions, I agree: We may as well be BORG and/or dead.

I love Mac computers, others like PC's. It doesn't make us enemies, my uses
of the box simply differ from the others. My PC 'loving' BF actually bought
us both tickets to a "Mac Fair" at a semi-local college, because he knows I
enjoy the heck out of these things, even though *he* may find it a bit

He's a very, very cool dude!

-- I have an iBook and am not afraid to use it!

Jenny Sutherland
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