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Re: NPH (was: [IP] 40 hours till I'm pumping!!)

On 11/10/02 9:53 PM, "James Handsfield" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> George Lovelace <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> I stopped the demon NPH
> I think we need to be careful of trashing something that, at one time, was a
> life saver.  Granted, NPH may be anathema for pumpers now, but for a long
> time it was the salvation of many a diabetic.
> Jim Handsfield
> email @ redacted

Maybe it was just too long a time.  Granted that NPH was a vast improvement
over Protamine Zinc, but I feel that over time (34 years) NPH does not stay
with it's pattern, and that doctors relied too heavily on that supposed "set
pattern of activity" that NPH was supposed to provide.  I "curse" the NPH
for the hypos it put me into, with no "pattern" other than to expect the
unexpected.  To me, it was the "demon" insulin.        ]:>|

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