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[IP] Re: 40 hours till I'm pumping!!

Hi Summer,
       When Claire started pumping, she did take her bedtime does of NPH.  It 
was only 2 units, as her morning dose was large and generally lasted 24 
hours.  So the next morning she had some Humalog to cover her breakfast, but 
no NPH, then we drove the 2 hours to the endos, and were hooked up at about 
11:30.  As it was our very first insertion, it took Claire a little bit of 
time to be brave enough.  Don't forget to bring your insulin to the 
       My advice for the first few days is to only eat foods that you can 
very accurately count the carbs on.  Do you already have a scale?  It is so 
helpful.  Weigh or measure your food carefully, so you will be able to start 
to figure out if your basal rates and bolus ratios are close to accurate.  If 
you are totally uncertain about the carbs, it will be harder to accomplish 
these goals. 
       I gathered up a few alarm clocks for the early days, so I could set 
one for 2 am and the other for 5 am and my regular one for 7 am!  It can be 
hard to reset the same one for another 2-3 hours when you are a bit woozy.  I 
think most people work on the overnight basal first to get it set accurately. 

Good luck and Have fun,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 

> My trainer said to continue my N right up till tomorrow night before bed, I 
> thought that was odd as I've heard you should stop at least 24 hours before 
> insulin hookup.  What has everyone else done??
> Any suggestions for the first few days?
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