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Re: [IP] 40 hours till I'm pumping!!

At 08:21 PM 11/10/02, you wrote:
> > My trainer said to continue my N right up till tomorrow night before bed,
>I thought that was odd as I've heard you should stop at least 24 hours
>before insulin hookup.  What has everyone else done??
>i also did my last shot of NPH around 10pm the day before hookup, and had no
>problems with it.   i had asked about the 24 hour thing, and was told that
>the 12 hours should be fine.

I quit the NPH 24 hours before my pump start.....kept the highs down with 
Humalog during that period.  Plan on testing a lot for the first few days 
cause it take some time to get the NPH totally out of your system.

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