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[IP] Re: bolusing for high-protein meal

>>>So ... would I be correct in summing up all the posts about this that a rule of thumb is to bolus 1 U for every 3 oz./90 g protein but only if the meal contains 3 oz. or more of protein, and that the bolus should be a square wave, not a normal one? (I know everyone's different; I'm just looking for a general rule.)<<<

I'm not sure where the 1 unit for every three oz. of protein came from, but the "rule of thumb" that I learned regarding protein was that 60% of protein is eventually converted to carbohydrate.  So I multiply the number of grams of protein (often 7 grams per oz.) by .6, and then divide by my insulin to carb ratio.  

That proportion should work, and should resolve the "one size doesn't fit all" problem.  

I used a normal bolus when I first started counting protein, but that was taking Velosolin, not a faster acting analog of insulin.  With the faster acting insulins, a square wave is probably the best bet.

Kristen Olgren
dxd 1985, pumping since 1990

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