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[IP] Re: negative opinions

Pumpers and Friends,
   Deanna, what you talk about is so true.
> Without opinions, no matter what they are, this
forum and, for that matter, our society is dead. This is what freedom and 
choice are all about. The opinions expressed on this list are what have
contributed to my learning and decisions about going on the pump and my
continued success with diabetes treatment. I am constantly amazed by how many
Americans forget that opinions are the heart of who we are. What would we be
if our society simply squashed  all negative opinions? 
  This is one of the reason diabetec is underfund , the "PUBLIC thinks it is
not a BAD THING, take your pills...eat the right things... if you have it bad
you take a shot or if you have it really bad you take a lot of shots or on a
pump.... all because YOU  did not eat right.. do what your doctor told you to
do ....  BU**S***

>When I worked as a newspaper reporter, I was constantly perplexed as to the
amount of people  who only wanted "happy" and  "positive" news, whatever that
means. How does that accomplish anything? The  point of news is to inform and,
hopefully, foster an educated and active  society, not make us feel good and
happy all  the time. >

 Back in the 80's  at a ADA meeting I was at the same thing happen when one of
the tv show did a piece on now bad diabetec is..... mostly everyone at the
meeting wanted to redo it to show "Happy" and "positive' things about
diabetes.... the show was to hard, made people "feel bad" was to "sick".....
did not put on a "Good Face" about diabetes.

>I've just seen the dismay over "negative" opinions and attempts at oppression
so many times in the past year I finally had to say something.
I agree, all diabetics should have a free choice in pumps...and to express
opinions. We can all filter the information ourselves as we see fit.  
Deanna dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02>

  Deanna, I feel many times members forget the IP is a place to get
information, to take that information to their health care team and talk over
it with them and when use it to have a better life. And that IP is a place of
support; to many times this is forgotten.


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