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Re: [IP] Paradigm Questions

    If power is lost for any reason like a bad battery, loose cap, worn out
battery, battery change (Especially if it takes longer than 1 minute) etc.
Then just make sure after putting in a new battery that the current basal
rate is shown by hitting the, "ESC" button.
    This important piece of information is in the users manual but sometimes
people don't read the instructions completely. The Paradigm doesn't use the
type of memory that can go without power for a long period of time.
Electronically there is a little thing called a capacitor that stores a
small charge of electricity for the chip that holds all of the programmed
information that the user puts in like date, time, basals, etc. And when the
battery is taken out to be changed or the Paradigm loses power for some
other reason this capacitor can power the chip for only short period of time
to keep it from losing information. If power from the battery isn't restored
then the Paradigm needs to have it's user inputed information reprogrammed
(Date, time, basal rates, customized settings etc.).

Cody S. Alderson
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