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Re: [IP] Humalog

I too am about to experience the new "rules" of purchasing insulin.  My
company is switching insurance carriers and I'm not so sure they will cover
half of what I get now.  I do not believe there is a "generic" humalog.  I
have never heard of one and think I did question my pharmacist once on that
issue.  Don't "unplug"!!  There has to be a way!!  Best Wishes on figuring
this out!!       Myndi (IL)

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Does anyone know if a generic Humalog exists?  My insurance co (I know, thats
a BAD word) is ripping me off.  Besides that, they are telling me how many
vials a month I can purchase with their benefit.  Who is the doctor here?????
If I want to purchase another vial, it will be at my expense 100 percent!

We use to have HMO and I know I've heard alot of people venting about it, but
since my husband lost his job and found a new one (medial), we are on PPO.  I
HATE it.  HMO had a 3 month script plan, I paid $20 for a 3 month supply!
Not too shabby.  But now we make much less and the insurance is useless.
We're not even talking pump supplies yet!!  Any info/imput you can share with
me would be greatly appreciated.  I'm about ready to pull my beloved pump!

Thanks for listening,
Fran (Las Vegas)
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