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Re: [IP] Re: Cozmo pump release delay?


I have talked with many reps.  All the pump reps have been at our
pumper club meetings and NOT one rep has put down the other pumps.
I have been reading ALL the posts and find it very upsetting to see people
on this list showing their bias against the MM company.  We are here to help
each other and share how we deal with this disease.  My twin (having
diabetes over 50 years) went on the paradigm and found their service and
reps to be very helpful.   They came to his home in rural Kansas with their
CDE who also had the disease over twenty years.  They checked out the two
other pump companies.  They liked the remote because
he is also blind with a field of vision of 10 percent.  By the way at the
meeting we all got see and touch the Cozmos and try different functions.
By all this type of negative feedback and comments I have found this
somewhat biased against MM.

By the way I think we all need to stop pushing what we think is the best
pump and let all diabetics make a free choice.  And also stop all these
negative opinions. I for one don't like all negative feeling out there. This
just my outlook as first a diabetic for 46 years and a Special Ed.(in all
fields) teacher/counselor for a lifetime.  It doesn't help our spirits.
Everyday is the challenge.  I grew up with the disease and am still learning
everyday.   Just my opinion.....

Still pumping and liking it
46 years with diabetes
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