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[IP] GHI NY insurance

I had GHI insurance before the pump, and there was never any problem getting
all the testing supplies I needed -- they asked for a letter from my endo
but nothing else. (I switched to Empire because my endo was in their network
and they paid 100% for the pump, again with no hassles.) Now I'm going back
to GHI because most of my doctors have left Empire's network, and GHI
(unlike Empire) allows you to go outside its network. I looked at the GHI
website and noted they had a diabetes management program, so I called that
program (not actually part of GHI but a contractor) and asked whether GHI
covered pump supplies. They said GHI does pay for pump supplies, but I
didn't get any details. I'm sure a "letter of medical necessity" will be
needed and I don't know if they pay 100%. My endo didn't think there would
be a problem. I'd also appreciate  hearing from anyone who has been approved
or denied for pumps and supplies with GHI.
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