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[IP] Increased basal for dinner

I will be starting on the Minimed 508 on December 2, and have done quite a 
bit of reading to get an understanding of it all.  In addition, I have been a 
member of this list for a while. I have read most of Pumping Insulin, and now 
have some questions on  delaying meals, particular dinner.

Currently I'm on MDI, with Lente at night, and humalog with every meal. I've 
been doing this for 10 years, doc calls it the poor man's pump!

My work requires I travel quite a bit, and take people out to dinner quite a 
bit. I rarely eat dinner at the same time (even when home actually).  Could 
be anywhere from 5:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. Not only that, then dinners are 
usually big. Sometimes, we have a late large lunch, and the group won't go 
out for dinner, and I'd prefer not to eat at all, tell you the truth.

This leads to two questions:
1. When I delay dinner I have to take a little humalog to keep things steady 
until I am able to have dinner.  If not, at 5:30 p.m. I have great bgs, 
(90-115) but by 6:45, I'm usually above 240. Therefore, I take a unit or two 
at 5:30, check at 6;30, 7:30, etc. until dinner, then take the pre-meal shot. 

What's it like with the pump?  I'm hoping I can delay dinner as long as I 
want, or even skip it. Is that within the realm of possibility?

2.  I see all the stuff about carbs to insulin ratio, and in fact have been 
doing 1 u per 8g carbs for 10 years.  However, I was also told to add protein 
into the calculation.  1 u per every 3 ounces of protein.  With the high 
protein meals at some of these dinners at Ruth Chris, etc., it seems to work. 
 Most meals there have at least  12 oz of protein, more often much more. 

Do pumpers use protein in the calculation?

Thanks for your help.

Shivaun O'Donnell
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