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Re: [IP] Re: bolusing for high-protein meal

Yes kerri that is what i was trying to say, more or less.  The fat 
cells use glucose, and to use it they need insulin to transport the 
glucose into the cell.  So insulin is used up to some degree by the 
fat cells (and I'm speculating that more insulin is needed when 
dietary fat is higher).  so if some of the insulin is used by fat 
cell receptors, there's just less for the rest of the body.  This 
makes BG rise (or really just fall less).
p.s.  I think we agree *S*

<<<<<<I'm not sure what you mean by the fat utilizing the glucose. Fat
cells don't utilize stored glucose (as, for example, a body cell
does). Excess dietary glucose gets converted and stored as fat
(and insulin is used to do this), is that what you meant?
The fat doesn't break down to glucose however, so no insulin
would be needed to cover it for that particular purpose.
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