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[IP] RE: Disgusted with insurance companies

email @ redacted said:::

Venting is healthy.......has your doc written a letter of medical necessity?
is the pump company helping? is this written in your contract? have you
notified the state board of insurance?..............just off the top of my

Rosealea asked what the insurance company is...
 My insurance co is MCARE HMO.. and yes I know that is the issue.. HMO's
stink... I guess I am just going to have to deal with it as I cant afford to
start paying out of pocket for a pump especially since my current pump DOES
still work.. (i just wanted the updated technology that my pump does not

To answer Beverly.. YES my doctor went through all the hoops with me.. She did
what she could to convince them.. bottem line my A1C is too good.. My heatlh
is too good..They have their bases covered.. it does state in the contract
that they will only cover a new pump every 5 years, as medically necessary,
etc.. so I cant say they made it up.. Dont know what good the state board
could do.. I think I am just going to have to wait the year and try again when
my pump is 5 years old!

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