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[IP] Re: Unexplained lows

Sandih wrote:
> <snip> I think Chris have delvoped a sensitivity to Humlog. How do
> think Regular would work?

I would think you would want to try Novolog before going to Regular or
Velosulin. I used Regular for a year ('83) and got some infections; endo
changed me to Velosulin pure pork. It then became BR (buffered) for use in
pumps. The trouble with R & V insulins is, they need about 20 min. lead
time. Humalog and Novolog are more *instant* - as in bolusing as you put
food in your mouth (for most people).

I used V-BR up until 12/98. During that time, if we went out to eat and I
needed 20 min. bolus before ingesting food - when the server took our
orders, when should I bolus? One lady I explained that to recently told me
they waited 2 hours for their food to be delivered.

Okay, let's say you walk into McD's and there is no line. Do you bolus and
stand and wait 20 min? Humalog and Novolog mostly solve this dilemma.

Therefore, I would think switching to Novolog might be the first plan of
action, then try Regular or Velosulin BR. (~_^)

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