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[IP] Paradigm Questions

Hi everyone!  I know it's been a long time, things have been very hectic over in "college-land" for me.  I'll start posting again often soon, but right now things have been crazy as I am now a senior and am within 2 years of graduating.  *Yippee!*   :-)

I have a couple questions for all of you who currently use the Paradigm: What advice that you know now do you wish you had known when you started using it?  What helped you with using this pump the most?  Are there any "trouble spots" that you now have a good "handle on" that you wished someone had helped you out on or pointed out to you when you started?

The reason why I am asking is because a mother of one of my frat brothers (yes, even though I am female I am in a fraternity - not just any frat, but the honorary band service fraternity!) is going to be starting the Paradigm within the next week.  She's asked me to give her advice.  I don't mind (in fact, am loving getting the opportunity to help someone out), but other than the generals (and, of course, giving her this website address) I don't know much about this pump as I don't use it.  She's been on shots for many years and this will be her first pump so she's both anxious and very excited about it all at the same time.  So, I thought of everyone out here in the "IP land" and thought I'd see what everyone "said."

Any other advice anyone can give that you think would be good advice would be VERY helpful.  Please send all answers to my e-mail address directly as I do not recieve any mail from the list.  Thanks!!!   :-)



Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
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