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[IP] FreeStyle Tracker-Co-Pilot problems

This is part of one of the reports generated by the Co-Pilot web-based
program for information uploaded from the FreeStyle Tracker. I questioned
the fact that the % In Target (13.3), Below Target (2.22), and Above Target
(0)  for a single time period (BB=Before Breakfast etc..) did not add up to
100. I was told that the 13.33% under BB/In Target  means that 13.33 percent
of all my readings are taken before breakfast and fall into my target range.
Does that tell you anything? I may be missing something but I think that is
a useless statistic. I would think it should show that 85% of my BB readings
are InTarget, 15% are below target and 0% are above.  I am going to email
TheraSense about this but thought I would check to see what you think.

                             BB    AB     BL  ... Total
Total Readings        7        6      7    ...     45
Averages               94    121   122   ...    129
Std Dev
In Target(%)      13.33  11.11 13.33 ... 86.67
Below Target(%) 2.22    2.22        0 ...   4.44
Above Target(%)      0        0   2.22       8.89
Hypoglycemic           1        1        0 ...        2

Also, at this point, I would hold on to that money for the Tracker. I think
they need to do some reprogramming to make it worth the bucks. When I take
readings or input meals, insulin, etc. I input the time for the event and
then Tracker determines the time periods (pre/post breakfast, lunch, dinner)
based upon the established time period chart. If it is an incorrect time
period, then I change it. When my data is uploaded into the Co-Pilot
program, it does not upload the time period. It uploads the only the time of
the event and then again based upon the established time period chart it
assigns the time period.  So for each event I have to compare this
re-calculated time period to the time period that I have already corrected
and update it again if it is wrong. Since, I take the time to make sure the
time period for each event  on my Tracker is correct, why shouldn't this be
uploaded? It is very time consuming to do this twice.

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