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[IP] Disgusted with insurance company

Well today has been a bad day.  I have been fighting with my insurance
company for a few months now trying to get them to authorize me a new pump.
Ive gone through their appeal procress without any luck.. Well they have
flat out denied me.. I have gone through all the "hoops" they offer except
for the "face to face" meeting.  I'm so discouraged.  I have had my current
pump for 4 years.  Well this insurance company (NOT the one that purchased
my first pump) requires you wait 5 years to get a new pump.. seems that rule
is no matter what... I have sent them detailed reasons for requesting a pump
upgrade and they don't seem to care stating there generic rules about 5 year
wait and saying that my current pump does the things I have requested for
wanting a new pump....... OBVIOUSLY the person does not know what they are
talking about but what can I do.. I have to wait another year...The reason
for my writing this is to let other pumpers know that its not always an easy
thing to get a pump upgrade.. I honestly did not think I would have any
problem with this insurance company being that they did not purchase my
first pump.. WRONG... oh well .. guess I'm out of luck.. only other option
is to let my control go to crap and then they would let me have the new pump
in order to "maintain better control"  THE SYSTEM STINKS!!

Sorry for this vent.. just a bit ticked off today...

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