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Re:[IP] Problems with Disetronic, anyone?

Nope......in fact they expanded their US sales force.


Oh I forgot ask the list something about my last post.  Her endo asked me
about my pump and which brand I used I told her Disetronic then she asked if
I had any problems lately with service.  I rarely if ever call them so I
said no.  She said that the endos in the military here at Wilford Hall and
Brook Army Medical Center liked the Disetronic pumps and on the last bunch
of patients she had that wanted them never got them.  They did all the
paperwork, insurance and everything, but when it came down to it Disetronic
never sent the pumps.  So needless to say they are all wearing Minimed pumps
now. And for the most part they only recommend Minimed because the service
was so poor from Disetronic.  Didn't someone once say that they were trying
to pull out of the US market?
Anyone have anything to add to this.  I don't want to start a pump bashing
party. I'm just curious as to how service has been lately. You can email me
off list if you'd like.

Sheila Morris
San Antonio, TX
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