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[IP] The Fatty Acid - Eicosanoid Jungle, (Lecture) San Jose CA

I thought others might be interested in this lecture. It's in Los Altos CA.
I don't know much about it but I will probably go.
Smart Life Forum
The Fatty Acid - Eicosanoid Jungle
Speaker: Stanford Field
On November 14, 2002 at 7:00 PM
At the Foothills Congregational Church
461 Orange, Los Altos

Clara Felix Night
On November 14th, we shall honor Clara Felix in gratitude for her ongoing
work as the wise and witty publisher of the Felix Letter and for her
contributions to the Smart Life Forum.

Meet the speaker:  Stanford Field

He received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University
in 1951 and an MS in Meteorology from the US Naval Postgraduate School in
Monterey in 1955.  He
spent two years as the meteorologist on an aircraft carrier.  His chemical
engineering career of 42 years was mainly in the oil and petrochemical
industries.  In 1993, he retired from Stanford  Research Institute where he
had been Director of Energy Programs.  Since that time, he has been avidly
studying biochemistry and physiology with the aim of staying healthy despite
the ever-increasing odds of age-related decline.

With All There is to Know, Why Do You Need to Know about Eicosanoids?

The primary motivation for understanding this subject is the enhancement of
your health. Eicosanoids are made by every living cell in the human body
(about 100 trillion of them), and they control virtually every vital
physiological function. Even though the names are new and difficult to
pronounce, the discussion will allow you to understand the importance of
making changes in your food intake to improve your health.

Non-infectious diseases such as all kinds of muscle and joint pains,
allergies, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, overweight, depression, mental
dysfunction and cancer are mostly related to food intake and environmental
toxins.  At this meeting you will have the opportunity to  learn why food
(including oil nutrients) controls a major part of your
health - and what you can do about it.

How to Control the Eicosanoids

First of all, dietary fat is the only source of fatty acids that are the
chemical building blocks
for all eicosanoids.  Eating favorable fatty acids provides the raw
materials that can tip the balance toward positive-effect eicosanoids.
Secondly, the control of insulin by your diet
determines whether the eicosanoids your body makes will be beneficial or
harmful.  You are in the eicosanoid game whether you want to be or not, so
you had better learn to play it.  If you are in a high-carbohydrate
lifestyle mode that is recommended for every cardiovascular patient, most
athletes and almost everyone else in America, then you are unknowingly
making excessive harmful eicosanoids that ultimately will result in chronic
non-infectious disease.

Future Meetings:

November 17: Sunday Salon at Phil Jacklin's house at 14436 Esterlee
Dr.,Saratoga, CA.  to continue our discussion. See insert for directions.

December 12: Dr. Wm Klindt, Brain SPECT Imaging.

January 9, 2003: Dr. Bobbi Spurr, Sexual Vitality Annual Membership: $36
includes other household member. Guests: 1st time guest free, thereafter $5
per meeting

Smart Life Forum
2910 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA  95128

Steve Fowkes, Technical Advisor
Phil Jacklin, President
Mike Coffey, Co-Chairperson
Tim Gallagher, Treasurer
Don Southard, Membership
Harvey Miller, Program Director
Michael Korek, Editor
Alfred Wromke, Publicity
Susan Richfield, Secretary
Alan P. Brauer, M.D.
Carl Ebnother, M.D.
Clara Felix
Carol Rinkleib Ellison, Ph.D

Kathryn Grosz, Founder

We meet at the Foothills Congregational Church at 461 Orange in Los Altos
about 150 yards southwest of the stoplight at Foothill Expressway and Main
St. Los Altos. Take El Monte exit off 280 to Foothill Expressway.  Turn left
(north) and go about a mile to second light and turn left (west) on Main,
then a quick left again on University to a free standing meeting hall just
before the church.  Angle left and park between Foothill Expressway and the
church, or angle right and park on  Orange Avenue.

Salon directions: See insert or call Phil Jacklin (408) 867-1945

 For further information, call Phil Jacklin (408) 867- 1945 or Mike Korek at
 (650) 941-3058.
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