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[IP] The beat goes on and on!

Well folks, I'm another step closer to my pump!  I was referred to a doctor or
internal medicine who specializes in treating diabetics.  I went to him and
got a very complete physical.  He had me write down my carbs and BGs for a
week and  then come back to him.  My two week average on my one touch profile
was 164!!!!  I was amazed at what is possible.  My A1C went from 10.4 to 8.1
as well.  So, I've been heading in the right direction at least.

I have my next appointment in 3 months.  Where I will get to choose my pump
and name it.  (It will probably take me three months to decide on a name <g>)
In the mean time, I go to carb counting school and pump school.

I'm actually pretty excited about everything.  It would be easy to whine and
moan about it taking so long.  But, I have trust in Dr. Parilo.  He is
actually figuring I can go to a 100 average with some work!!!

So, I am one step closer to my pump!!!!!!!  Wooohooooo!!!

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