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Re: [IP] recall on all d-tron pumps?!

In a message dated 11/7/02 10:24:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Well it might be noted that back in June, 2002 I got a letter from the 
> President of Disetronic. It is a notice that they want to test the
> buttons 
> on the D-Tron pumps. Both of mine were tested and returned, one 
> at a time, in very short order. I suspect that the Recall and the test 
> request are the same. So I believe that D is being more than responsible
> to its customers by trying to correct a problem months before a Recall.

I can shed a little more light on this subject. Two weeks ago as I sat down 
to change my cartridge and set my d-tron did not return the piston rod all 
the way back. It is a problem they have had with the d-tron. I called to find 
out if any new information had come along to fix the problem. The fix had 
been to push the prime button and let the rod extend out to near it limit and 
then retract it again. Is problem would happen every two or three times I 
would change the cartridge. The tech sent me a replacement pump in 22 hours. 
They sent a letter with the new pump "On June ,17 2002, I wrote you a letter 
to tell you about a possible problem with the buttons on your d-tron insulin 
pump. In that letter I. Indicated that we would contact you by the end of 
July to arrange for an inspection of your pump". At some point I will call 
again to see if they have found any pumps that have had a malfunction with 
the delivery on unwanted insulin. I asked if my pump would be rebuilt, and 
was told they do not refurbish pumps. I would guess if you have a d-tron they 
will be in touch with you soon. Roger C
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