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[IP] Re: Legalities-AGAIN!

>>>If I broke any law, so be it! If every door to legal measures is slammed in your face you can get pretty tired of playing their games. I know I did.<<<

I guess my concern is not so much with the buyer, ironically.  I FULLY understand someone desperately deciding to opt for a second hand pump, especially given the scenerio you described.

What prompted me to ask the question I did regarding selling pumps on eBay was more from the perspective of the seller.  You did in writing absolve your seller of any responsibility for your health, but I don't see any requests for that on eBay.  

I guess I would be very uncomfortable going about the sale of an old pump of mine that way.  I'd rather do it through my doctor's office, if I did it at all.  As a seller, I wouldn't want to risk entering into that legal quagmire.

I guess I also wonder a little about the buyer, though, because I wondered if the warranty would still hold (assuming it was not too old to be out of warranty) with the transfer of ownership?  On those H-trons, would Disetronic have a problem resetting the pump when technical inspection time came, given that their records would likely link that pump with a different owner?  

I can understand resorting to taking that road as a buyer, but I think it would be a frightening one to travel.  I'd worry about a failure on a pump not covered by warranty, leading to bigger still expenses than the original purchase.  Then again, though, it would probably STILL be cheaper than the original new pump would have been.  And I know they CAN last a lot longer than the expected four years.  I used my 504 for seven years, and only changed pumps then because I had need of more basal changes than the four afforded me from my 504.  That, and insurance agreed to pay under those circumstances. (I was denied when I sought to replace it when it was five years old.) 

Truthfully, it ought to be a crime the way insurance can play god like that over issues like pump use.  I see the refusal to pay as the insurance getting involved in decisions on medical care.  

Hopefully, when your pump needs replacement, Medicaid will be a bit more willing to replace than it was to approve the initial purchase.  That really is awful what you went through to get it.

Kristen Olgren
dxd 1985, pumping since 1990

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