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Re: [IP] Attention Paradigm users

I believe the note was based on a non-biased web site which can't slander
pump companies.  Rather, it is giving the good and bads about all of the

As far as the U-100 vs U-50, why is there even a U-50 insulin selection on
it.  I have never seen U-50 insulin in the US.
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> I wanted to bring something to the attention of people concerning
> Paradigm and/or MiniMed concerns...
> I've heard it said that you don't go to the hospital to do research on
> the health of a nation.  Likewise, listening to the complaints against
> a pump or pump company among a group such as this isn't the best place
> to determine a track record.
> Consider numbers.  MiniMed has a significant percentage of the market
> share...going by the numbers on IP, it has over 70% of the pump market
> (not sure how reflective that is overall).  Anyhow, let's say that
> there were 10000 pumpers in the world (chosen as a nice round number).
> 7000 of them would have pumps through Minimed, versus the 6% (or 600 in
> this example) on the Animas pump.  Now, let's say that there is an
> average of 1 complaint out of 10 users.  That means you will here of
> 700 complaints from MiniMed, versus only 60 from Animas.  So, just
> based on those numbers, you MIGHT get the impression that MiniMed has
> more problems...but in reality, it is still just 10%.  (Again, I'm
> making up numbers here for illustrative purposes.)
> So, on this list, when people post problems with MiniMed and/or
> Paradigm...remember that there are far more people dealing with them
> than other pump companies, and so you will hear about more complaints,
> even though they are not necessarily any more or less reliable/quality.
> Now, I'm not suggesting that those who have experienced poor
> service/etc. are making it up.  I truly believe they had a bad
> experience.  Yet, that doesn't necessarily mean it is reflective of
> them in general.  How many people are NOT posting here talking about
> how they DIDN'T experience problems?  I, for one, found working with
> MiniMed exceptionally easy, and have had not a single complaint with
> them nor the pump.  (I did experience one problem...but it ended up
> being my own fault, not theirs, although they helped me graciously over
> the phone.)
> I'm not trying to defend MiniMed here...just trying to bring
> perspective.  I certainly can't speak to the quality of any other pump
> but my own, as is likely the case for most others here.  I think the
> Paradigm is a great pump and wouldn't consider switching to another
> model...but if I did, I might find that another pump is actually better
> for my needs and not know it.  Same is true for those who praise their
> Animas pump or Disetronic or whatever...if that is their only pump, all
> the praises in the world mean nothing when it comes down to a
> comparison UNLESS you have actually tried more than one brand of pump.
> Now, as far as that list of "problems" reported against the
> Paradigm...if you re-look at the list carefully, you'll find that most
> of the complaints against it are rather silly, such as having to select
> U-100 versus U-50 insulin.  If they had gone a different route, there
> would be complaints that a user might switch insulins and forget to
> change the settings!  Prompting the user each time is actually a safety
> measure, but criticized as a safety flaw.
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