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Re: [IP] Pump on Ear

I did...but I think someone else boasted about it.  I was wearing one of
those bridesmaids dresses which makes you wonder why you are such good
friends with the bride...  :-)

Anyways, no good place to put the pump without it showing, and I wasn't
comfortable putting it down under...if you get my drift.  So, since the
dress had a high back I had the tubing come out at the back of the neck, and
had the stylist put the pump in my hairdo.  No one was the wiser, except the
strange looks when I held the remote of the MM508 up to my head to bolus.
<chuckle>.  One annoying guest at the wedding asked my husband if I came
with a mute button...if so he wanted to upgrade his wife.  <groan>

It worked pretty well, but I prefer hiding it in my bra whenever possible.
My head felt a little heavy by the end of the day.  :)

-- Sherry
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