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Re: [IP] Attention Paradigm users

On 7 Nov 2002, Ryan Bruner wrote:

> Consider numbers.  MiniMed has a significant percentage of the market 
> share...going by the numbers on IP, it has over 70% of the pump market 
> (not sure how reflective that is overall).  Anyhow, let's say that 
> there were 10000 pumpers in the world (chosen as a nice round number).  
> 7000 of them would have pumps through Minimed, versus the 6% (or 600 in 
> this example) on the Animas pump.  Now, let's say that there is an 
> average of 1 complaint out of 10 users.  That means you will here of 
> 700 complaints from MiniMed, versus only 60 from Animas.  So, just 
> based on those numbers, you MIGHT get the impression that MiniMed has 
> more problems...but in reality, it is still just 10%.  (Again, I'm 
> making up numbers here for illustrative purposes.)

Well 10% is 10% no matter where they live, but as far as figures go, the membership of 
IP is predominantly US based though we do have members worldwide.  In actual 
numbers, worldwide market-share is still close to 50-50 between Minimed and Disetronic, 
though Animas and the others are too new to have much share of the already sold to 
market yet.  Current year market-share may be shifting dramatically as we write!

I DO understand what you are saying though.  When I chose Disetronic four years ago a 
lot of people predicted my gloom and doom, but I'm still here, happy and healthy, having 
only experienced a bad batch of batteries once.  The batteries were a topic of posts here 
on IP and I hope that our discussion of those problems help lead to their replacement.  

Thank goodness for IP, where we can all realize YMMV.    :>)

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