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Re: [IP] Attention Paradigm users

>I don't think telling someone the problems they experience are *silly* 
>very helpful.....a good place to look at complaints is the MAUDE site 
of the 

I'm sorry...I wasn't referring to the reasons people are giving 
here...but the reasons that were listed in the article on 
diabetesnet.com (a site which I visit frequently).  Many of the 
complaints are things that are either explained thoroughly by Minimed 
(such as the time it takes to change batteries/losing basal rates) and 
the user should be well-informed unless they truly aren't doing their 
part, or is common sense.  Why would ANYONE connect/disconnect a 
resovoir while it is connected, particularly after some problem?  Some 
obviously are...but it is "silly" that they are.  

>FDA....I also don't think that randomly choosing numbers and 
percentages to 
>try to make a point is logical unless you have proof that all pump 
>receive complaints on 1% of their product then your statements are 
>misleading....also, I don't think you have to try all of anything to 
have a 

As I stated, I wasn't attempting to defend MiniMed...merely giving 
perspective to the matter.  Unrelated to pumps, I use video-editing 
software from a company that has millions of users, literally.  They 
have FAR more users than even the nearest competitor.  Yet, people come 
to the support forums for their software and complain that the software 
must be problematic because of all of the problems posted. They have 
forgotten that while nearly every post in the SUPPORT forums (created 
for the purpose of resolving problems) is a complaint...the number of 
users complaining there relative to their entire user-base is rather 

I don't know the actual percentages of problems of any company.  What 
I'm suggesting is that you CANNOT look at the NUMBER of people 
complaining (or not complaining) about a particular pump or company 
without ALSO considering the total number of users in comparison to 
others.  You will undoubtedly read far more complaints about Minimed 
because they have far more users.  That doesn't NECESSARILY mean that 
they have any more problems.  (Though, I completely understand that 
they MAY.)

>valid opinion....I researched heavily before I choose the pump for my 
>daughter, including talking to those with other pumps, and am 
convinced I 
>choose the pump that is best for her......it is important for people 
to be 
>able to post their experiences without being told they are *silly* or 
>have proper *perspective* as these experiences help others in their 
>decisions.....just because you have a product and have never had a 
problem is 
>great for you but does not negate another's experience in 

I agree with you whole-heartedly.  But, without considering such 
perspective, someone might be swayed away from buying the best pump for 
their needs.  A good example is the whole water-proof argument.  Some 
have argued that Animas is better because they say they are water-proof 
whereas the Paradigm says "watertight".  The fact is, BOTH are "water-
proof" to the same practical degree, and the choice of terminology is 
merely for the sake of advertising and/or legal concerns.  But, based 
on the postings in I-P over the past couple of months, you would get 
the impression that Animas is better than the Paradigm for "water-
proofness"...which just isn't true.

I, personally, do not care what brand any person buys, if it meets 
their needs.  But, I'm trying to remind people to not base decisions 
solely on the number or even types of complaints received in I-
P...because, as I said, you have to consider percentages of users in 
that case.  (70+% of pump users on I-P use MiniMed pumps...that number 
is not based on any geographical information, but I-P's own statistics.)

As is so commonly used on this list....YMMV!  :-)
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