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Re: [IP] Paradigm pump

> your are right it might not be the pump at all. It seems like we
> have tried and adjusted every else. I have not disconnected him at
> all because I thought a .0 basal is the same thing.

You are correct in your logic about the 0.0 basal rate. But you have 
said you think it is the pump, so for the sake of argument let's say 
it is. For trouble shooting analysis, disconnecting the set for the 
7-11 period would prove unconditionally that is is not the pump and 
you can eliminate that as a suspect. Likewise, if you suspect his 
ratio is too low, looking at the carbs required to bring up the low 
and figuring the bolus insulin required for the carbs AND eliminating 
that amount from the breakfast bolus would be a strong indication 
that his ratio is two low. Your CDE should be able to help you with 
this sort of thing, but we are here to give you a few ideas to help 
as well.

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