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[IP] Re: Joslin 25-Year Certificate

At 11:48 AM 11/7/02, Jan wrote:
>You need *proof* of your dx - but fill out the forms they send.

Yes, while this is true, the proof does not have to be certified 
documentation.  When I was seeking my Certificate (after nearly 40 years of 
diabetes) I was afraid that the doctor who diagnosed my sister and I was no 
longer alive.  I had tried searching, and she tried contacting the hospital 
where she was admitted on diagnosis, but both attempts turned up 
nothing.  When I emailed the representative at Joslin, she told me that if 
a few family members would write a letter specifying certain historical 
events they associated with the time of your diagnosis, they would accept 
those letters.  My sister and I got lucky, I did finally track down the 
doctor who diagnosed us and he, even though he is in his late 80's and 
retired now, wrote me an email and did up a very nice letter which he sent 
to Joslin for us.  He was aware of the Certificate and Medal program and he 
was very happy to help.  We now both have our Certificates.

dx'd 1963
pumping 2000
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