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Re: [IP] Attention Paradigm users

    Just to let you know I started pumping with my Paradigm on October 10th
this year. I have not had any problems with it. If I got an alarm about
power I would just try a new battery and after the new battery was in I
would hit the, "ESC" button to confirm my current basal rate. If the basal
rate was not there I would reprogram my basals I have written down.
    Apparently the Paradigm does not have a non-volatile memory (Keeps all
programmed information on a chip that does not require power to store the
information). I am guessing that it uses a small capacitor to store some
electricity to power a chip during a battery change for one minute so that
the information is not lost. Many electronic devices use this method.
    After a certain period of time without power the capacitor loses its
charge and the chip that it is powering then loses its memory. So a long
delay changing batteries or a power loss caused by possibly a bad battery
could cause basal setting to be lost. No problem just look at the status
screen after a new battery is in to confirm everything is working okay.
    Even if the Paradigm had non-volatile memory that would store my
settings for eons I would still confirm basals after putting in a new
battery or getting a no power alarm.
    I've changed my battery once so far because the pump was sitting in the
box while I waited for an appointment for training. I got the, "Low Battery"
alarm and changed the battery a couple of hours later. I confirmed my basal
rate being delivered after the battery change and everything was okay.
    I am sorry that it will be until next year before she gets a pump. I
hope people aren't waiting for the PERFECT pump before they get started
pumping. If that is the case then they will always be waiting. Remember the
first pump the size of a back pack?
    Granted, different pumps have different features and one feature might
be necessary for a particular individual, but they all deliver insulin quite
reliably or they would not be on the market. If I needed 1/20th of a unit
increments I would have went with Animas, but I don't so everything about
the Paradigm was more appealing to me than the Animas. If my insurance would
have only paid for the Animas I would have been happy with it too. I even
like Disetronic in that they give two pumps. Less worry for a middle of the
night failure.
    Any electronic device can fail no matter how crucial that device is for
survival. Hey, us diabetics have a failed organic device. . . THE PANCREAS!
Man I would like to call tech support for it and get a new one. Then Have
them fix the systemic problems that caused the failure in the first place.
So I guess I would need a hardware and software fix eh?

Cody S. Alderson
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