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Re: [IP] Attention Paradigm users

It is in my humble opinion that pumps are like cars. Each person is going to 
feel differently about the same car. I for one have a Volvo s40 and LOVE it. 
I know plenty of people who have had Volvo lemons. But that does not mean 
that Volvo is a bad company. It is not fair for ANYONE on this list to bad 
mouth another pump company. I feel bad for those that have encountered 
problems. Please, let MiniMed know. Your complaint will make a difference for 
the thousands of other users. Be polite and courteous about it, it will make 
a huge difference and make MiniMed want to change. MiniMed know that the pump 
is our lifeline. It is a shame that there are people that are not having the 
experience that they would wish for. Which pump you choose is a personal 
choice. I can give you my reasoning as to why the Paradigm was the best 
choice, but the key thing about that is that the reasoning is PERSONAL 
CHOICE. Animas is a great company. They have some features that I wish that 
MiniMed pumps had. No pump is 100% perfect, just like no car is or anything 
for that matter. 
I just ask that people continue to share with the rest of the group about 
their problems with EVERY pump, but also share the good side, and remember 
that you are not responsible for selling the pump of YOUR choice to anyone 
else. Every pump out there is great. Why? Because they allow each and every 
one of us to lead healthy lives. 

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