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RE: [IP] Attention Paradigm users

""Consider numbers.  MiniMed has a significant percentage of the[AMERICAN] market share...going by the numbers on IP, it has over 70% of the [AMERICAN] pump market ""

I don't have exacts (and don't have time to go research it) but Disetronic is a SWISS company and has the majority of the Europeon market. 

So the logic of looking at the numbers is correct - but MY THEORY is that if we were to do a more scientific analysis of the problems being reported here on IP with pumps - accounting for numbers - those reported with the paradigm appear (to me) to be happening at a higher rate than problems with the other pumps available. 

But again - many people are happy with MM and love their paradigms. And as with most things those who are upset are more likely to say something than those that are content.

Linda & Dax
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