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[IP] Re: Need some ideas

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and ideas.  Someone suggested a diabetes 
center here in Eugene but they don't take kids younger than 16.  One doc would have 
liked to have taken Kristina but feared he didn't have the support that she deserved 
when he wasn't available.  So we'll be going to Portland as soon as I can get an 
appointment.  In the meantime, I've increased the amount of insulin she needs for high 
blood sugars and she's choosen to eat as many "free" foods as she can.  Today she 
took salad and carrots to school for lunch and even her sister, who does not have 
diabetes, wanted to take salad and carrots for lunch.  LOL  Go figure!  We've also been 
writing everything down very carefully, both of us.  She and I are a team and we take 
care of her needs together.  When we're apart, she phones me at work to tell me what 
her blood sugar is and to go over what she needs.  Close contact, keeping good 
records, increasing some insulin, decreasing some carbs have all helped!  Over the last 
week, she's had many lows (70's and 80's) and a lot of blood sugars within range.  She 
still had one that was over 400 last night though so I know we're still having problems.  
But it's good to see some improvement.  Thank you for your suggestions.  If you have 
anymore ideas for me, I'd very much appreciate it.  I'm planning on doing a day time 
basal check this Saturday since her blood sugars are better now!  YEH!  Thanks so 

All the best,


On 30 Oct 2002 at 23:11, jhughey wrote:

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> From: "Melissa" <email @ redacted>
> >>>  My daughter Kristina is 12 now and has
> had diabetes since she was 6 months old. <snip> I can't get Kristina's
> blood sugars under control!  Most of them are very high.  Some are 
> just human error but a lot of them lately are for no reason that I can
> see.  Her basal rates are .8 and .9 throughout the day and she's
> getting anywhere between 40 and 50 units a day in insulin.  The other
> day I was very aggressive at getting those blood sugars down that she
> ended up taking 64 units in one day!  Isn't that incredibly high??? 
> <snip> Melissa >>>
> Melissa,
> I dunno if I'm beating Michael to this reply or not, but I can hear
> him writing -
> heh heh heh - it's her hormones and puberty kicking in. At one time
> Lilly was taking 90(?) units a day and it will level off after a
> while. It's just a matter of growing up. ;)
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