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[IP] Re: bolusing for high-protein meal

You mentioned taking 60% of the protein to calculate for bolus.  I was 
taught that 40% of protein converts to carbs, NOT 60%.  Perhaps you 
actually learned that 60% of the protein does NOT convert to carbs, and 
got it backwards?  Or, perhaps my educator mistaught.  But, I've used 
40% fairly reliably.  I always make sure I give that via a wave bolus, 
however, and NOT a normal bolus, because the protein is delayed getting 
into your system somewhat.  I tend to use about a 3.5 hour wave bolus 
for protein...though I haven't perfected it yet.  :-)

Also, I was taught that 10% of fat get converted to carbs...though, 
that can take 8-10 hours, and is likely negligible except for VERY high 
fat foods (which we probably shouldn't be eating anyhow!  ;-)
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